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I think that you have to create a level leaderboard because I think it's more easy to run juste one map or one level

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It would be a nice option for this game, especially since you get a timer displayed at the end of the level .

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Agreed; finding time for full-game runs is often infeasible, but ILs can be recorded much quicker

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I'm locked out of Twitter, could someone please message one of the mods on there and let them know about this post please? 🙂

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It's not going to happen, we had this discussion nearly six months ago, if you want to know what it was dig through the respected channel on discord.


Here was the discussion from the user at the top, note you need to already be in the discord server to directly reach it. It is not a long read and there are enough valid points as to why it isn't happened and Spleen towards the very end also chips in with the issues of ILs.

Edit: I've locked this thread for redundancy

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