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I was thinking about an All Sports No Boxing Catagory because its a category that needs no nunchucks so its kind of an All-Sports No Nunchuck type category. It's just a thought but it would be a category I would like.


I agree I have no working nunchucks and I was really sad when I wanted to run the all sports category but I didn’t have any working nunchucks. I have 2, one white, one black, both don’t work. Rip.


My question would be on when to determine when the timer would end as well as what sport would be last (assuming golf though).


When dose the timer start. When you begin the game. When you press the boxing button.


The timer starts when you select “Single Game” in Tennis, and the timer ends when the ball drops into the hole in Golf.


I personally don't see the point. All Sports No Baseball is a category because it eliminates the pure rng segment from the All Sports run, and makes it all about skill and execution. The rest of the sports have no rng, besides wind speed/direction, so I don't see the point. It wouldn't even be competitive either, people would just submit their All Sports pb and exclude Boxing from the time.

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Well now that a former runner of the game is saying stuff, I can’t really argue against that. Maybe I just need to buy another nunchuck. Problem solved.


Eh, just my two cents. I don't really care if it's added or not.


I back up Gamingland's statements.


I'm new, but I agree with Gamingland. Nunchucks aren't super expensive and are commonly widely available.