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has the wii sports communitiy died down? i haven't seen any world records set since i left. also the forum looks quite quiet.


It hasn't died, necessarily. People still do Wii Sports runs, it's just nobody really PB's as often, especially if you have a 7:54. I do agree people haven't done it as often, mainly since WSR is more popular.

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It's not that the game is dead, it's that the top runners aren't playing anymore. The top runners are the first thing you see on the leaderboard, so when you look at the dates you see barely any top players have gotten pb's recently. New runners are coming in in a lot of categories, and like Yoshi said, mostly WSR.

Most people also use the discord to ask questions/talk instead of the forums, so that's why there isn't a lot of activity here.

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I would try and run the game if I had a wii but I don’t


I've just taken a break because I got tired of Bowling for the time being after like 1700 attempts and the WR.

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My capture card has a weird issue. Not that it matters because it can't stream


oh, i guess i have to move on to wsr then. im gonna turn 11 so 2 more years cri.


Sometimes, people just need a break from a certain game, even top runners like Cheese need a break every once in a while.


well everyone except the legendary speedrunner adeleiska tas, hes always on the grind for the tasf wr

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i thought his TASes were a joke lol? he's using dolphin 11 by the way. I asked for the download link! lets hope he gives it to us!!


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