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So Ive been trying to get into the category and have a question. I cant seem to get anything other than jabs with the nunchuck. Sometimes ill be able to hook with it and sometimes my hooks attempts will result in uppercuts. However, the majority of the time i try to hook or uppercut, it either jabs or just moves in the direction my hand is going. But also at the win screen, after skipping the replay, i seem to be able to do the punches easier. So my question is do I need to just git gud and use a better hand motion technique, (if so what would that be) or do i need to buy a new nunchuck?

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I don’t think you need a new Nunchuk, unless yours is broken. I find that easiest way to deal with your problem is to do the opposite motion then you want to do. I don’t know if it will work with you though, I have three Nunchuks and that technique only works with one. I suggest trying it my way or using another controller all together. Good luck on your runs! (I’m sorry if it doesn’t work out for you, I don’t focus my runs on boxing and I may be wrong. Someone please tell me if I’m wrong)

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I'm primarily a boxing runner, and the nunchuck's motion controls really are horrid. I never try to do anything other than jabs with it, since it'll frequently mess up if I try a left hook/uppercut. Strategy wise, you probably shouldn't rely on it to throw anything other than jabs. If you can figure out a way to consistently get hooks or uppers with it, then that'll give you an advantage over everyone else, but if you can't, welcome to the "only uses nunchuck for jabs" club.

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Get in contact with the world record holder and/or join the Wii series discord

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I think the opposite hand motion thing is working out for me. Thanks everyone!

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