Well I completed a run of this game and I hope it may inspire others to do the same. If you need information or tips please don't hesitate to ask.

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I completed a run for this game on the Amiga, I think we need a new category right?
You can check it out here:



I would say since it's a completely different version (and plays quite differently), it should not be a category but rather have it's own board.

The Genesis and some PC versions have leaderboards of their own. If a board is not already made for this version, you'd have to contact site admins to request a game addition and be the moderator.


Thx mate,

I was already thinking that this will be the way to go, but better ask to get sure 🙂
Didc heck the other version before and Icould not find any which is similar to mine. lets see.

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