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Focus schools do NOT appear to work, with regards to the extra energy/regen that one of the schools provide.

Asteroid Field skip still works (Year+ Later)

Purge Operator is still RNG Hell.

Ascent: You generally want to dash twice off the cliff from the start and die. This unlocks slide as Operator that allows you to slide into the parade area, while you cannot void dash. Along with being slightly faster than sprinting.
You also do not need to void blast the rocks, you can simply dash through it.

Queen fight: Amps do work here. With a standard 223, you have a chance to break more than 3 braids at a time. Don't bother. You end up losing time due to the AI kinda derping with a 25 second slow down as the scripts try to catch up. (I dunno if Op/Amp arcanes work, which could also save time here.)

Teshin fight is just RNG if he wants to block. I use my Nikana Prime. Might be better off with a harder hitting weapon. Unsure if he scales. Haven't tried amp on him.

Return to the mountain: Energy matters here, but otherwise seems standard and straight through. Dash through instead of void blast.


Tested Op Arcanes. HP increase works, but doesn't help much. (Unsure others. Amp might work?)

Asteroid, as you get into the archwing the second time, if you hold down space, you seem to get the speed boost. Dunno if you can still use it after. Will test next time I run.


Found a better way to make sure your mouse is where you want it:

Alt tab out, put mouse where you want it, click back in.
Alt tab to verify its in place.
(This can be used on anything where you have to select things.)

Also, for the choices, first 2; top seem faster. (Talking about the parents, and then when the queen at the mirror)
Last 2 are seem to be Kill Queens, and Consume the Kuva.
(These are extremely hard to time, and are guess work.)

As for the previous Asteroid Field speed boost, you can speed boost for a second or so, which gets you closer. So somewhat useful.

Escape is also really risky, if you make it out before the pod gets launched, you have a chance to just get pinged into objects and zoned out. If you can keep speed up until the hole, you can just teleport over to the exit, and avoid the risk.


• Is Saya's Vigil required to have the operator slide?
• At what point in the run are the choices present?
• Also, I'm not sure what you are trying to explain with Escape. Is this referencing The Escape segment?


I have no clue about SV required. I have it finished, but I figured out the slide seems faster than sprinting ages ago. (Also seems weird that would be tied to SV, which is an extremely early game quest, designed to show off PoE) Slide is just double tapping SHift, similar to the more useless form of dodge roll for Frames.
1 during Fall, 1 at the end of Ascent, 1 after you capture the Kuva Secpter in the Queen fight, and then the final cut scene.
And yes, escape = The Escape


I marked in parenthesis to utilize sliding operator if SV is finished. Not sure how accurate it is, but will update again if this is not the case. It's an understatement for how long it's been since I tried TWW (late April 2017), so I'm slow with things that need to be updated.

As for the The Escape segment, is this the same segment we're referring to? The one where you spam your swap button and then X until the dialogue is over.

Updated everything else.


No. Escape is when you leave the Queen Fortress.

I didn't realize that was what that split was for. I guess that makes more sense than having a split mid way in a mission. xD


And, I just found a skip...

Bugger. Wanted to get WR before breaking it, but managed to without even really trying.

I'll get a full written thing up after I'm done with it.

Tl;dr Death abuse into the first barrier. Use a max range itzel, to then teleport past the first barrier. Make a break towards the last barrier, you will die. Respawn and continue on with the mission, and the next skip. Saves roughly a minute~ give or take. (Was 1:30 with second try at the skip, and that was NOT including the load times and dialogue that starts the mission.)

EDIT- You can in fact skip the death at the end of the first bit. The skip itself is kinda pissy, and you can just go splat for no real reason.

I was trying to figure out if its possible to skip the ship, and skip the lasers turning on. You can skip the ship ever flying, but there doesn't seem to be a point.