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There's something I see in the glossary of WarFrame speedruns. Every single one of them requires some form of tricked out account with everything needed. I don't see a speedrun in there for new users/fresh accounts. A run that any person would be able to do without playing the game for many many hours.

When watching during the PoE launch, all these streamers running a heap of accounts on the same route onwards to Cetus, and they got efficient at it. Could we do the same with Vor's Prize and make an Any% Vor (like)?

If you need me to elaborate on anything related to this suggestion, just respond.


I sent you a reply in Discord as well, but the reason why Vor's Prize isn't available was due to a lack of interest, especially in regards to making fresh accounts every time. If there's an interest for running and optimizing Vor's Prize, I'm willing to allow it to go to testing.

My personal feelings towards this category is that it should have been always available, but as an arbitrary/niche category and placed under Quests -> Miscellaneous.