We Become What We Behold Forum  /  Have this community ever really figured out the "hitboxes" of this game?
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When I mean hitboxes, I'm talking about the amount of space a required character needs to have on a photo for it to progress the game.

I only ask this now because on one of my attempts for TV Show, I managed to get a photo of the screaming square to count, even though the only bit of him visible was the edges of his hair.

I have video evidence of this, specifically at 0:36 in this video:

Apologies if this is already known, I haven't been in the community for that long. I just haven't really seen anything like it, and if this is replicable, could potentially lower the TV Show WR.

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yeah hitboxes are wack, I've had runs where I get about half of the body and it doesn't count or moments such as this were you only get a little bit and it counts. I think it might be certain picture have dominance over others since at least in my experience, if you ever take a picture of an angry but its while the duo and crazy lady are still interacting, it'll say #what are these nerds doing now instead of giving you an angry. but idk what i'm talking about these might just be two different subjects.

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