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So i'm kinda at a loss right now.
did like 3 runs back to back al of them triggered the true ending.
the last 2 runs i did both died to getting the good ending for some reason.
i viewed every zero dimension arc conversation, i got iffy then did the dogoo quest then got iffy and compa did the histy extermination quest #1 and 2 before going into hanada station and then get 60% shares for histoire's daydream.
for noire vert and blanc arcs it's simply 40% shares at any point and watch their daydream sequence right?
in heart arc i did the 4 desires from the CPU's to avoid the bad ending(obviously i did this since the runs died to getting good ending)

the only thing i can imagine im doing wrong is the neptune arc in neptunia G like it's a specific order you gotta maintain otherwise the true end won't trigger.
anyone got any idea what i'm doing wrong?

it's the past broadcast if anyone wanna review it.


In the broadcast you posted you missed the required converse with Histoire immediately after you hand in the Dogoo quest at the start of Neptune's story. Don't worry, this is by far the easiest mistake to make on a True End run and hopefully you won't miss it from now on.

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oh wow yeah thanks man gonna keep that in mind for next run 😃


this is an easy miss but you got this


My biggest mistake and the thing I forgot on 90% of my runs. This is why I'm saving my True End NG relearning for a much later date.