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Someone might find this useful for speedrunning. I found that sometimes I can get double melee damage at the beginning of the dual bogie fight. This is on God Hard mode,

You can see that first hit does double damage. I use that sliding melee strike with the rocket launcher, and it seems by triggering the melee input a little early it increases the chance of double damage. I still cant trigger it consistantly but I noticed this through hours of grinding this fight. I was never speedrunning this game but Ive never once heard this mentioned. Maybe its not a glitch and something else. Any ideas? Let me know if you find it useful.


That's quite interresting. If I remember correctly, a lot of tricks and glitches works based on FPS, that might be the reason.
It might be interresting to use on no DLC runs, especially if it's consistant !
Thanks for the knowledge man ! 🙂

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Glad you found it interesting. No problem. TheRipper999 on here said the speedrunning forum might find it useful, so figured Id drop the info in here. I probably died for 10 or 20 hours on that dual bogie checkpoint my first time 9 years ago, so I had alot of time to find the glitch, ha ha. What do you mean exactly by it happening based on FPS ? I can tell you that Ive done this glitch on both the Xbox 360 version and the latest remastered version which I played on Xbox Series X, if that helps. Im not sure if the remaster has a better framerate. Maybe someone can do it consistantly. Ive seen alot of insane frame perfect runs in speedrunning.

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Can anyone confirm if it's a glitch? I always thought enemies sometimes take more damage from boost kicking because it connects directly with their head. When a Romanov staggers from a shotgun bullit for example, you can wait a split second untill it's almost recovered, and then boost kick for what seems to be double damage if the timing was right.

I play on PS4 and sometimes noticed different amounts of damage when boost kicking bogies in challenges aswell. And yeah, the remaster has a higher framerate then the OG release.

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As far as I know it's like Ziko86 said, the boost kick can hit them in the head dealing double damage. It's a big reason to use the kick over other options on them and useful to know.

Parts of normal enemies like Romanov heads can be destroyed if melee attacks connect right on them, so I think it's intended and not a glitch.
Sam himself also takes more damage from just about anything hitting his head which can make enemy damage look inconsistent.

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