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Finally got around to submitting a full game Rally Mode run but while I was practicing I realized that the game shuffles the stages and rallies each time a new playthrough is done. It's fixed for each concurrent playthrough like where your first playthrough will have the same, the second set will always be the same as the second, third set will always be the same as the third. The problem is that each rally uses 5 of the 6 stages for each location so if someone were to find a good set like say on the 50th playthrough then that would make the game all but impossible to run without save states.

Would it be possible to just add a rule where the run must be done on a fresh save file each time so it's the same set of stages?

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Hi there,
It's awesome to hear you did a full run of the game, you'd be the first to do so 😃

As for the rule thing I don't see why we can't add it to the rules so I will do that now, thanks for the suggestion and it has been added to the rules now.

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