Solo Solo (SRL) Duo Fireteam
Restoration 2m 02s
47th place

The Dark Within 1m 48s
26th place

1m 41s
5th place

The Warmind

3m 31s
7th place

Fist of Crota 1m 15s
31st place

The Coming War 2m 51s
16th place

Pretender to The Throne 2m 28s
7th place

Echo Chamber (Strike) 5m 23s
5th place

The Sunless Cell (Strike) 14m 57s
8th place

  Any% V Rank
Space Station 1
0m 58s
7th place
Space Station 2
2m 45s
5th place
The Tower
1m 32s
13th place
The Warp Zone
1m 25s
4th place