Classic Hard
1 0m 20s
6th place

Piano Tiles 2
  High Score
L001 - Little Star 0m 00s 283ms
39th place
L002 - Jingle Bells 0m 00s 817ms
27th place
L037 - CanCan 0m 01s 377ms
10th place
L046 - Sonatina Op.36 No.3 0m 00s 295ms
6th place
L051 - Csikos Post 0m 00s 457ms
8th place
L052 - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 0m 02s 230ms
5th place
L072 - Sonata in C Major K545 0m 01s 128ms
3rd place
L076 - The Fountain 0m 00s 618ms
11th place
L078 - Tzigane Dance 0m 00s 608ms
2nd place
L080 - Gypsy Rondo 0m 00s 948ms
4th place
L088 - Inventions No.15 0m 00s 604ms
2nd place, 2nd place
L094 - Allemande 0m 00s 349ms
3rd place
L109 - Sonata in E minor Mvt.1 0m 00s 222ms
2nd place
L119 - Fugue No.16 in G minor 0m 00s 400ms
4th place
L160 - Sonatina Op.88 No.3 0m 00s 209ms
2nd place
L166 - Sonatina Op.88 No.3 Mvt.3 0m 00s 176ms
3rd place
L247 - The Swan 0m 00s 717ms
10th place
L366 - Sonata No.13 D.664 Mvt.3 0m 00s 202ms
2nd place
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
  Dungeon RTA 100% Glitchless
Fire Temple 26m 58s
5th place

Clash of Clans
Goblin Level 1: Payback 0m 01s 867ms
32nd place