Hitman 2
  SA SA/SO Any%
The Finish Line
1m 50s
35th place

Hitman 2 Category Extensions
  Accidents Only Default Loadout/ Start Explosive Devices Only Fiberwire Loud Ballistic Kills No Loadout Poison Only Sniper (ballistic) Levels List
Embrace of the Serpent (Exp. Pass)

1m 48s
1st place, 1st place, 1st place

Illusions of Grandeur (Exp. Pass)

1m 33s
3rd place, 3rd place

A Bitter Pill (Exp. Pass)
2m 05s
6th place, 6th place

1m 27s
4th place, 4th place

Hitman (2016)
  SA SA/SO Any%
A Gilded Cage
5m 10s
6th place