Any Difficulty Solo Any Difficulty Co-op DW and Above Solo DW and Above Co-op
The Alesso Heist 17m 22s
14th place, 7th place

17m 22s
8th place, 3rd place

Art Gallery 1m 05s
3rd place, 4th place

1m 05s
3rd place, 5th place

Bank Heist: Cash 5m 12s
33rd place, 8th place

5m 12s
13th place, 5th place

Bank Heist: Deposit 5m 00s
16th place, 5th place

5m 00s
10th place, 4th place

Bank Heist: Gold 5m 31s
25th place, 6th place

5m 31s
8th place, 3rd place

Bank Heist: Random 5m 07s
7th place, 4th place

5m 07s
7th place, 4th place

The Big Bank 5m 50s
8th place, 3rd place

5m 50s
7th place, 3rd place

Big Oil 11m 26s
5th place, 7th place

11m 26s
8th place, 5th place

The Bomb: Dockyard 5m 59s
10th place, 3rd place

5m 59s
13th place, 3rd place

Car Shop 3m 15s
70th place, 11th place

2m 28s
4th place, 3rd place

The Diamond 5m 32s
13th place, 4th place

5m 32s
8th place, 2nd place

Diamond Store 0m 44s
11th place, 4th place

3m 19s
4th place, 2nd place

Election Day (Swing Vote) 2m 51s
17th place, 11th place

2m 51s
6th place, 3rd place

Framing Frame 5m 34s
3rd place, 1st place

5m 34s
4th place, 2nd place

The Golden Grin Casino 4m 39s
5th place, 6th place

4m 39s
4th place, 8th place

Hotline Miami

22m 10s
5th place, 1st place

Hoxton Revenge 3m 31s
6th place, 2nd place

3m 31s
4th place, 1st place

Jewelry Store 0m 22s
12th place, 4th place

4m 40s
14th place, 9th place


5m 36s
2nd place

Meltdown 11m 24s
10th place

6m 44s
5th place

Murky Station 1m 07s
6th place

1m 07s
3rd place

Shadow Raid 0m 50s
13th place, 3rd place

2m 49s
4th place

Transport: Crossroads

5m 12s
6th place

Transport: Downtown

7m 09s
6th place

Transport: Harbor

6m 35s
5th place

Transport: Park

5m 37s
6th place, 3rd place

Transport: Underpass

6m 17s
6th place, 3rd place

Ukrainian Job 0m 25s
56th place, 13th place

The Division
  Solo Challenging Heroic Legendary Team
Grand Central Station

9m 19s
2nd place

Amherest's Apartement

3m 40s
1st place

Madison Field Hospital

9m 12s
1st place

Times Square Power Relay

7m 15s
1st place

General Assembly

14m 18s
1st place

Stolen Signal

30m 08s
1st place

11m 59s
1st place