The Typing of the Dead: Overkill
  Bitch Agent Motherf***er Bitch (Hardcore Mode) Agent (Hardcore Mode) Motherf***er (Hardcore Mode)
Papa's Palace of Pain 7m 29s
6th place

Naked Terror 8m 04s
5th place

Ballistic Trauma 10m 17s
7th place

Carny 12m 14s
5th place

The Textorcist: The Story Of Ray Bibbia
  Single Player CO-OP
Caesar The Thief
0m 12s
1st place
Magda The Possessed
0m 35s
1st place
Matthew The Gangster
0m 50s
1st place
Enoch Varg
1m 09s
1st place
Mother Superior
1m 25s
1st place
1m 53s
1st place
Head Guard Furius
2m 07s
1st place
Exorcist Showdown
2m 16s
1st place
Laurentius IV
1m 51s
1st place
1m 54s
1st place