A Hat in Time (Beta Build)
  Any% Any% (No Badges)
Welcome to Mafia Town 0m 24s 540ms
6th place

Repairing the Cannon 0m 39s 770ms
4th place

The Golden Vault 0m 55s 270ms
3rd place

Subcon Caves 0m 30s 550ms
2nd place

Beta Hero's Challenge 2m 04s 720ms
4th place

A Hat in Time
  Any% Any% No Optional Badges 2 Character
Subcon Forest - Queen Vanessa's Manor 1m 24s 560ms
9th place

Subcon Forest - Your Contract Has Expired 1m 59s 630ms
8th place

Destiny 2
  Solo Duo Fireteam
Zero Hour 11m 14s
3rd place
9m 33s
3rd place