Super Mario 64 DS
  Yoshi Mario Luigi Wario
WF: Shoot into the Wild Blue 0m 12s
2nd place

CCM: Mario's Super Wall Kick 0m 13s
2nd place

SSL: Shining atop the Pyramid

0m 13s
3rd place

RR: Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow
0m 32s
4th place

RR: The Big House in the Sky
0m 37s
2nd place

RR: Coins Amassed in a Maze
0m 28s
5th place

RR: Swingin' in the Breeze

0m 19s
4th place

RR: Tricky Triangles!
0m 23s
4th place

Rainbow Ride 100%
5m 53s
1st place

Bowser in the Sky Switch Star
0m 31s
2nd place

The Secret of Battle Fort 0m 57s
2nd place