Perfect Dark XBLA Challenges
  Challenge Any%
Challenge 3 1m 29s 100ms
2nd place
Challenge 5 1m 26s 490ms
2nd place
Challenge 6 3m 07s 950ms
2nd place
Challenge 9 1m 40s 750ms
2nd place
Challenge 10 0m 57s 630ms
2nd place
Challenge 19 1m 43s 540ms
1st place
Challenge 21 3m 18s 790ms
1st place
1080° Snowboarding
  Time Attack Dion Blaster Rob Haywood Kensuke Kimachi Akari Hayami Ricky Winterborn The Iceman The Panda
Crystal Lake 1m 02s 890ms
39th place

Crystal Peak 1m 27s 450ms
19th place

Golden Forest 1m 20s 650ms
26th place

Mountain Village 1m 34s 210ms
28th place

Dragon Cave 1m 27s 780ms
20th place

Deadly Fall 1m 09s
39th place

Total Time 8m 01s 980ms
17th place

MechWarrior 2
  Complete the Mission
Jade Falcon - Bouk Obelisk 2m 38s
3rd place
Jade Falcon - Trial 2 0m 49s
1st place
Jade Falcon - Rust Heart 1m 48s
3rd place
Jade Falcon - Trial 3 1m 20s
3rd place
Jade Falcon - Trial 4 0m 58s
3rd place
Wolf - Temper Edge 10m 02s
1st place
Wolf - Cold Crescent 1m 16s
3rd place
Goldeneye 007 (XBLA)
  Agent Secret Agent 00 Agent
Dam 0m 53s
19th place

Facility 1m 03s
14th place

Surface 1 1m 15s
12th place

1m 56s
8th place


1m 13s
5th place

1m 27s
9th place