Splatoon 2
Return of the Octarians (01) 1m 40s
67th place
Welcome to Octopia (02) 1m 51s
23rd place
Sunset Octocopter (03) 1m 17s
52nd place
Enter the Octohurler (04) 1m 31s
25th place
The Octopark (05) 1m 56s
29th place
Spinning Campground (08) 1m 24s
24th place
Octoling Strike (09) 0m 42s
27th place
Octoling Assault (15) 0m 50s
13th place
Secret Bowling Alley (16) 1m 45s
17th place
The Experimentorium (19) 3m 38s
18th place
Paradise Lanes (26) 1m 39s
17th place
Octoling Workout (27) 0m 51s
13th place
Bomb Rush Blush (Boss5) 5m 19s
58th place
Super Mario Odyssey
  Any% World Peace
Cap Kingdom 2m 53s
74th place

Dr. Mario (NES)
  Individual Levels
00 0m 16s 830ms
5th place
Hypixel Server Parkour
  All Checkpoints All Checkpoints (Speed 2) Any% Any% (Speed 2)
SkyWars 0m 48s 917ms
50th place

  NG+ ILs Amiibo - Boy Amiibo - Girl Amiibo - Squid
Octotrooper Hideout 1m 32s 650ms
8th place
1m 46s 760ms
2nd place
1m 43s 950ms
3rd place
1m 28s 070ms
3rd place
Lair of the Octoballs 1m 30s 710ms
7th place

Flooder Junkyard

1m 14s 150ms
2nd place
Octoling Uprising

0m 34s 950ms
2nd place
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
  Any% 1 Gem 2 Gems All Gems
(1-3) Touchstone Trouble 0m 03s
6th place

Minecraft: Legacy Console Edition
  Set Seed Random Seed TU69 TU46 TU14 TU7
All Swords

1m 06s 090ms
4th place