Duke Nukem 3D
  Any% Any% (Blindfolded) 100S 100% Max%
E1L6: Launch Facility

0m 33s 000ms
1st place

E2L7: Lunar Reactor

0m 38s 000ms
1st place

E3L11: Freeway

0m 12s 000ms
1st place

Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach
  Any% 100S Any% No Damage
The Alien Remains
1m 10s
1st place

  Still Kicking (Skill 1) Lightly Broiled (Skill 3) Extra Crispy (Skill 5)
E2M1: Shipwrecked 0m 36s 300ms
1st place

E2M5: The Haunting
0m 09s 900ms
1st place

E5M1: Boat Docks 0m 11s 933ms
1st place

E5M6: Graveyard 1m 18s
1st place