Racing Extreme
  5lap Non-Shortcut 5lap Shortcut
Simple Loop 1m 44s 700ms
7th place, 1st place
1m 33s 800ms
1st place
Rainbow Ring 1m 29s 310ms
4th place

Land of Chaos 1m 49s 540ms
2nd place

Flashing Bars 1m 40s 733ms
5th place

Wheel of Terror 2m 09s 010ms
3rd place

Google Snake Game
  25 Apples 50 Apples 100 Apples All Apples
Classic Mode (Standard) 0m 39s 310ms
56th place

  Complete Level Death%
1-1 0m 21s 970ms
8th place

1-2 0m 31s 720ms
5th place