Super Mario Odyssey 64 (Physics Mod)
  Single Star Stage RTA
Bob-Omb Battlefield 0m 43s 980ms
3rd place, 4th place, 6th place, 3rd place

Whomp's Fortress 0m 11s 780ms
6th place

Piano Tiles 2
  High Score
L002 - Jingle Bells 0m 00s 730ms
28th place
L003 - Canon 0m 01s 010ms
26th place
L006 - Happy New year 0m 00s 773ms
20th place
L030 - Prelude in C Major No.1 0m 00s 587ms
7th place
L031 - Tritsch Tratsch Polka 0m 00s 310ms
8th place
L032 - Dance of the Sugar Fairy 0m 01s 107ms
8th place
L035 - Sonata in D Major K311 0m 01s 259ms
4th place, 4th place
L037 - CanCan 0m 00s 521ms
17th place
Detective Pikachu
Demo 18m 05s
1st place
  Pin Pin Hard Place the Labels Type
Australia: Surrounding Countries 0m 10s
5th place

Mexico: States 0m 47s
1st place

Super Mario Odyssey
Ruined Kingdom 3m 36s
16th place