Curse of Naxxramas
  Normal Heroic
Heigan the Unclean 1m 43s
2nd place

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Big Smoke 2m 37s
26th place
Cleaning The Hood 1m 31s
10th place
Drive-By 2m 05s
5th place
Drive-Thru 1m 04s
18th place
Life's A Beach 1m 55s
7th place
Nines And AK's 2m 36s
6th place
OG Loc 2m 05s
4th place
Running Dog 0m 42s
6th place
Ryder 1m 47s
17th place
Sweet's Girl 1m 18s
4th place
Tagging Up Turf 2m 30s
21st place
Wrong Side Of The Tracks 1m 01s
7th place