Super Mario Flash
  Glitches Glitchless
Level 1 (Land) 0m 26s 700ms
10th place
0m 26s 700ms
14th place
Level 2 (Cave) 0m 50s 590ms
8th place
0m 50s 590ms
10th place
Level 3 (Sky) 0m 46s 250ms
4th place
0m 46s 250ms
6th place
Level 4 (Forest) 0m 35s
5th place
0m 35s
7th place
Midnight Mansion HD
  Easy Normal Hard
Hint House
8m 52s
1st place

Falcon Manor
17m 11s
1st place

Nightmare Mansion
11m 29s
1st place

Tomb of Princes
10m 57s
1st place

Knight Mansion
17m 27s
1st place

Chateau de Medusa
12m 16s
1st place

House of Baron Garneau
8m 10s
1st place

Castle Doom
17m 03s
1st place

Cathedral Towers
25m 42s
1st place

The Great Escape
17m 19s
1st place

Spider Palace
7m 29s
1st place