I have an idea for a new miscellaneous category and it's called All Pearls. It's pretty obvious what you do in the run. Run ends when you acquire all 3 pearls (so on the Nayru's Pearl split).


"All Pearls" is better without the %

tbh "A word"% is only good when it actually makes sense (like Any%, 100%) otherwise it's just dumb...

And this category will be added maybe if few other runners will run it

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Ok thanks for the advice on the first bit and I get that it won't just be added automatically LUL.


In my opinion, it's right in between red pearl (din?) and Master Sword. Personally, think it's a bit too arbitrary.


There's quite a bit of time between those 2 categories and you could say the same thing for Din's Pearl RTA and Any% or Earth Temple RTA and All Dungeons. This could simply be just another fun side category.


just do the whole game? it's quick and easy. or Kiba_13 just has been practicing for the last 3 weeks, and it's done him more good than just starting with half runs. Good segmented practices is going to get you good faster than doing runs

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It sounds like a fun category, but then the category din's pearl would be kinda unnecessary.
Then it should be either din's pearl or all pearls.

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