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The rules for IL's don't seem to be listed on here, so I just want to ask a few questions.

Can you start on file select?
Because EMS is a thing, is the Master Sword allowed in DRC, FW, or TotG?
Can your file have the effects of Elixir Soup active before starting?

Also, will 100% categories be added for IL's?


The last I knew ILs started upon gaining control of Link after saving at the entrance of the dungeon and reloading the file. Imo it should start on file select. Doesn't matter what you have for any dungeon as long as you can obtain it without cheats and without progressing or doing anything in the dungeon you want to do an IL of. Soup included. Any prep outside is fine. I can add 100% to the ILs if you want.

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That would be cool, thanks! And thanks for the answers


Timing starts upon gaining control of Link because an IL doesn't necessarily have to start upon loading a file (for example, you could take damage before entering a dungeon, whereas loading a file would reset that).


Yes you can do any amount of preparation before entering the dungeon and timing will start upon control in the first room. This includes early Master Sword, taking damage, having soup active, or even having stored keys from other dungeons. The rules from should be adapted or copied to in my opinion.

This isn't stated in the rules but I believe the video should show the opening cutscene of the dungeon, which will verify that it is the very first time you've entered the dungeon. I think my Tower of the Gods 100% IL is a good example: Whether or not you watch the opening cutscene will affect timed cycles in the dungeon (like lava in DRC and water level in TotG), so I believe a decision should be made on whether it's required, and I believe it should be.


It makes sense to me to enter the dungeon, clear the cutscene, and then save and reset or something. If you require the cutscene for every attempt, that means in places like DRC and FW you'd have to make your way from the nearest spawn all the way up to the dungeon, just for one attempt, which is super tedious and doesn't really effect anything in either dungeon.

As for making sure the dungeon is untouched, it would be very obvious if something were already completed or half completed in the dungeon, it just means if someone gets the fastest time, just watch over the video and make sure it's legit.