Any% - Glitched in 20m 12s* by didididididi (Obsolete)

Time with loads: 21m 40s

Difficulty: Casual Explorer
Submitted by:
didididididi on
Played on:
PC on
Verified by
cloveclove on


Name Duration Finished at
Prologue 0m 52s 000ms 0m 52s
Unnamed Days 2m 02s 000ms 2m 55s
Xibalba 0m 26s 000ms 3m 21s
Mexico 7m 15s 000ms 10m 36s
Jan Mayen 2m 47s 000ms 13m 24s
Andaman Sea 1m 18s 000ms 14m 42s
Yggdrasil 3m 23s 000ms 18m 06s
Bob's Favorite 1m 02s 000ms 19m 09s
Out of Time 2m 31s 000ms 21m 40s
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