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As a relative newcomer to Trespasser, I was wondering what makes a run be considered hoverless. For instance, I don't see many differences between Pjxot's and Kotti's that would warrant them being in separate categories. Not knowing any better, it seems to me that Jezs just wanted to keep his BKT by creating an arbitrary category.


Yes, adding the category 'hoverless' is kind of confusing since there is no ruleset about when it's considered a hover or not.

If I hover over the entire map like I did in my segmented run it can definitely be considered hovering.

But at what point does simple jumping off an object a couple times does become a hover?

I can jump on an object a couple of times without using the 'hover-glitch'. I will simple gain height but will drop the item at some point while jumping off of it.

Therefore you also wont notice whether someone is using the hover-glitch or not if it's only used for a small amount of time / height.

So is it already considered hovering if I jump off an object more than once?


Any form of hovering / item hopping is banned from hoverless. No matter how small.

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Thank you for clarifying this. I would, however, like to point something out from your run: When you get over the ledge with the rock, wouldn't this be considered hovering / item hopping?


I will move the run to the Any% category. Thank you for pointing this out.


I’ve been looking to speedrun Trespasser. I downloaded the game however most of the glitches/skips do not work in the version I have. Is there a specific location where I can download an unpatched game, or do people typically play on the original disc? Thank you!


I'm pretty sure under Jezs's constraints that the current Any% (hoverless) run by Youtl is invalid then. There's at least three sections where he hovered/item hopped. Off the top of my head, I think he did one in the second level after dropping off the cliff near the start and there's that box you climb up near the Uzi. I think he did one to get on top of the box. There was one he did before you jump off the cliff down into the pool in level 3 (I think). And again at the end of the level he tried to hover on a box to avoid climbing on the crain to end the level.
I haven't watched the other runs but Youtl's I'm pretty confident breaks that rule


Thanks for notifying me of this. I'll move his run to the Any% category.