Master Sword - RTA in 18m 51s by SimikinsSimikins - 1st place

This didn't come easily, and it's not the sub 18:50 I was after, but I'm happy to take it back.
Kejs' turn again
Mod note: retimed to 18:51.07

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Name Duration Finished at
Rescue Talo 3m 54s 000ms 3m 54s
Goat Herding 1m 28s 000ms 5m 23s
Castle 4m 31s 000ms 9m 54s
Enter Faron 1m 26s 000ms 11m 21s
Sacred Grove 3m 12s 000ms 14m 33s
Master Sword 4m 18s 000ms 18m 51s
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