So I decided that I didn't like practicing on PC version vs N64 since I didn't have things like savestates, and the extra cheats that I created for the N64 version, etc.

So, I decided to make a trainer to assist in practicing/testing for the PC version of Toy Story 2.

Note: This will only work with the US PC version of TS2.

Here's a screenshot:

And you can download the tool from the resources tab for this game.

(Direct Links for convenience)

Note: Not sure how some antivirus programs will detect this. Since it is meant to write values in memory for other processes, it's possible that some antivirus programs may flag this as a malicious file, although I can assure you that it's clean.

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Updated the trainer to add hotkeys for the teleport functions as well as a hotkey to automatically reset your file (without having to reload a save file from the menus) for faster resetting while doing runs. Links and screenshot in original post are updated to reflect the current version