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After being verified my Lunatic 8m55s, I found that replays are faster approximately 20s than their actual play due to very fast text skip.
"Replays allowed" is written in the rules and Easy Category players have submitted with replay time.
So I'd also like to re-regist my records with replay time instead of current one.
Is that allowed?

- Lunatic 8m55s in Actual Play:
- 8m35s in Replay:

btw, I made AutoSplitter for PoFV. I'm glad if this helps your run.


I'm inclined to use "Real Time" for the original play time and "Game Time" for the replay time. If one of the two is not available, we could use the 20s adjustment that you found or just leave it blank. If anyone has a suggestion etc, please respond

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It's true that dialogue skip in Replay is a lot faster than in RTA. To me, Replay is preferable because I always record my runs offline without Livesplit and I don't get annoyed of failing so many runs in Easy. So yeah I wouldn't mind if putting both real times and in-game time on the leaderboard.

Also, thanks pingval for the auto splitter in PoFV. It would be helpful for all runners. If auto splitter works, I'll use Livesplit and record it live for future runs.

EDIT: Sorry with a late reply. I didn't see this discussion until now since I been focusing on Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3.