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Playlist link is below, since it's...quite a tad longer than a normal speedrun.
Basically I've been doing challenge runs of this game for almost 10 years now, and the mod for the last almost 2 years. For those that haven't played it, it's focus was to rebalance the entire game to what it seemed like they were trying to achieve based on both in game descriptions, series norms, the story, and what Raics found in the game files.

A speedrun of this version requires a lot of routing on the fly, due to all exploits having been removed for the sake of balance (Archers and ninjas are far weaker, but with more tricks, casters need to learn spells instead of using scrolls, and Paradigm Shift being changed to a single target guaranteed extra turn would stop the original Speedrun route.). Overall, I found this really fun, and have plans to take suggestions for different team combinations to route into the run.

It was far from optimized, but I tried to mention optimizations as they came up. Additionally, I have a site with a One Vision guide I've been working on over the last year at, for those interested in the mechanical changes. I put new categories based on any requests people post.

Whew, that was an intro and a half!
Run summary:
13:27:19, Knight/Berserk/Vartan team
Knights can let the Berserkers spam high damage finishers (Blood Price/Guardian Force/Aegis)to clear out a lot of higher threat units in the mid-late game. The one Vartan is excellent at distracting aggro and healing while staying self sufficient, while the fallback is to use Last Resort and Aegis to manipulate aggro into letting them sort of Beef Stealth their way to a leader unit. Equips are based around overall accuracy.

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