I've noticed some lacking information on this game. For instance, the regions are all off. I've seen WORLD, USA, JAPAN, OCEANA, and i think only USA is listed.

I'm not sure if we are taking 360 submissions anymore since there is it's own leader board, or if the old ones are grand fathered in, but it seems like various categories still have runs with 360 on them, and in some cases are on both boards.

Not really a big deal unless there is a tie, but a lot of runs dont have milliseconds listed, even though it's an option when posting.

The other thing, again not really a big one, is that there is Solo Any% and then Co-op Any% with all the player options - why isnt there just Any% with 1-4 player as an option?

If someone wants to make me a mod, i'll gladly clean it all up. I'm currently a mod on Super Smash TV and that leaderboard is a night and day difference since I cleaned it up, otherwise this is just something I thought i'd bring to the attention of other mods.

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Posting to support having 40watt added as a mod. Also, would like to see individual turtles added to 1cc category.