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When I Created This Leaderboard Some Time Ago And When I Uploaded My Runs I Was 100% Convinced That This Game Has Difficulty Settings But Months Passed By And I Never Recheked If It Was The True Or Not. Big Thanks For @sascha-gaming For Bringing This Topic To Light I Re-Installed The Game And Checked The Main Game And All Extra Campaigns And I Did Not Found Any Difficulty Settings... This Option Will Be Soon Removed. I Also Noticed The Lack Of Additional Levels From Extra Campaigns. I Will Add Them In The Next Days. I Would Like To Apologize For Neglecting This Leaderboard And I Am Sorry For Any Inconvenience.

I Wish You All A Happy New Year!


No problem. We help each other if there are little mistakes at the leaderboard. Thank you for your great work 🙂

Happy new year.

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