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any% requires $5k to win the game
there are two alternative endings


I second this suggestion. It would be fun to shoot for a higher score in this game.


I have become a moderator for this game and I want to let people know what actions I am taking to improve it. Following the suggestions made by the community I have added two new categories for the NES these include $10K and $20K. I would also like to ask the community if the Any% category should be renamed to $5k. The new Any% category can be a "quick fail" run to obtain the worst ending.

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I actually have a GBA vod that I called "Lose%," which finished in just a second or two - all I did was mash A and get lucky. It would basically be Clue (1998) Any% all over again. If you want to add that category, it would be okay with me as long as it isn't the "default" category, but I don't see it becoming very popular.

The GBA version also has the two alternate endings, but the best ending is achieved at $15k instead of $20k. Feel free to add these categories as well, if you are so inclined!