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Hey MetroidMcFly, try damaging the boss while he is off screen but not killing him. Get him low health and then walk into the room.
You would still have to go through the initial cut scene but would only have to do the very end of the fight.
You would also get the drops from the boss and have ammo for the next section, but that is kinda minor


Yeah. Do we know how many shots? Should test it out one day.


down to 3 harpoon and 10 assault, and then you use the base gun for a little over a minute


If you have extra ammo say 240 in machine gun and 90 in rail gun then after emptying both mags you shoot no more than 18 seconds with og blaster but u usually dont go into the fight with 90 rail its about 82-88 depending on rng with box room before boss