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I've been wanting to learn this game and now that I got everything I need I went to check out the runs to start learning only to find them all gone. What happened?


Weird I see this one its the same as Any% Hard just make the bosses harder. I'll let them know 🙂


unfortunately there was problems with the runs and a new shift in rules (which at present are still being established) which meant the runs were "rekt" as it were. you won't find any runs unless you check our YT videos on what we did, and even then: they're now invalid runs because we was using PCSX_ReArmed instead of Xebra (emulators that is, not seen anyone play console yet).

Discord is really the only place that's getting these rules sorted out and allowing players to actually understand what's going on (...ish). if you want more clairvoyance for your runs to make sure they're not under as much scrutiny, join the Discord.


Hey there. Just an update. The leaderboards were wiped a month ago (maybe a little longer), but as of this week, the boards are under new management. We've updated the rules and categories. Some of the old runs from months ago have been grandfathered back in, but unfortunately others (mainly those done with PCSX ReARMed and multi-segmented runs) have been permanently removed.