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Seterra has more than 300 categories I think


Get good at speedrunning


the fastest way to get runs is to find games with lots of short categories, so that you can finish runs quickly. seterra is a popular one, ILs are only a few seconds long and there are hundreds of categories


Get good at speedrunning

get good at making forum posts, please

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Honestly web/mobile games are the route to go, but here's some game suggestions that could help with the first 3k runs:

Jet car stunts 2
Nerf test range
White tiles 2
Poor Thief
Gravity Box
Draw Your Game
Among Us Category Extensions

Technically speaking, if you ran every category in all these games, it would add up to around 18k runs, but I highly suggest not doing that lol.

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Hill Climb Racing, the bane of my existence.


Check out Particolo for extra 16 runs


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@Act7Act7 300 is nothing. Seterra has thousands of categories


Risk is so optimized by fioresa that it would take someone hundreds and hundreds of hours to take all the records, but just for runs it would be a good game.

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The question was for runs, not WRs

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Nothing is stopping you from running the same category as many times as you like.

You could technically run the shortest category on the site 10 000 times.

(If the time it takes to do each run and reset for the next was only 1 minute, it would take almost week to do 10 000 runs)

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@WalgreyWalgrey It'd be pretty darn tough to get 10,000 separate pbs in a really short category. If the timing is limited to increments of 60 per second and a single-frame run is possible, your initial run would have to be almost three minutes long. That's assuming every pb is just a single frame improvement.


There are no rules saying that you can't tie your PB.

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True. I might be stupid but do obsolete runs also count towards how many runs you have?


@LXndxZzZLXndxZzZ Yes. In fact, even rejected runs count to the total, so someone who only cared about the count could spam a bunch of runs that fail to meet the qualifications to increase it (e.g. pictures instead of video). Though doing this would likely get them banned for spamming.

Originally posted by WalgreyThere are no rules saying that you can't tie your PB.
Does the system even allow that? I thought you couldn't submit times that fail to beat your pb unless you were submitting older obsolete runs.

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What are you talking about? I submit runs that fail to PB all the time.

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Could've sworn I got an automated rejection while trying to submit an obsoleted pb where I forgot to set the date some months back, but I didn't cap it.

Edit: Or maybe it was a game I was moderating, where a different player submitted two runs on the same day and I approved the faster one first, getting an automated rejection when I tried to approve the obsoleted run second...

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First of all, I am yet to hear of a user who has achieved a large amount of runs through this method, not only is it extremely annoying for the mods, but most of these submissions will result in rejection, and could result in a community blacklist.

Besides this, even though the api tracks rejected runs as total runs, these are often subtracted out by the community (along with pending runs), to prevent this sort of thing. Run grinding/farming is supposed to be a fun thing, to bring more activity to games, not to just annoy all the moderators on the site.

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