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I am searching good mobile games too speedrun pls check my profile before you write a good game for speedrunning Thanks

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I know its unrelated to the question, but why do you have sites under your name that link to no account, this just makes it harder for people trying to contact you about games you mod etc so maybe you should remove the empty ones. And the website just links to ur SRC page that link definitely needs removed 🙂

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Yeah, if you don't have an account or don't want to list your account it's better if you just leave the field blank instead of doing that shit.

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Also links his SRC profile as his website......

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You can contact me on twitter or Discord but i wanted to add all social media ?


links his src profile as a website, ive never had my mind blown this hard

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So you essentially wanted to make it impossible for others to contact you?

If you don't use a account, don't list it, and definitely don't add a non-existing account to it! This social media feature is there so users can contact you, not to brag about the number of accounts you got.

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If people can contact you by discord or twitter, LINK THOSE TWO. @Spielpro

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Yeah please don't link to void accounts especially if you just needed two. Its not cool tbh just looks like a mess

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He probably won't even listen..

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Now that the problem has been solved, Cat Bird is a great mobile game for speed running, its a platformer. I just got into it, and it seems like it’s a somewhat straightforward game to optimize, because you can only move left and right in addition to jumping and hovering

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I like playing angry birds, candy crush on my phone.
Also I play chess