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how do you think, gamers need to buy special gaming chairs??


best one i have is my bed or this cruddy chair i almost cracked leaning over it lol

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I also think gaming chairs is wasting of money. I have my old one Domesis Renu Leather recliner like here which I bought last nonth on amazon. It is cozy for relaxing and sleeping place for me.


People who are full-time streamers and game 8 hours a day because it is their job have a good pretext to shell out on an extremely comfortable chair, "gaming chair" or otherwise. Most people who game for maybe a few hours at a time, when they feel like it, it's really not a big deal. When I game (and even when I stream) I sit on a plastic deck chair. It's not that comfortable, but it doesn't need to be.

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You only need a soft armchair and you're set


Most products that use "gaming" as an adjective are overpriced. I do like the style of chair, although they don't seem to work for everybody. But yeah you can get a really nice office chair for like a third of the price, so unless you have cash to burn and really like the feel of a "gaming" chair specifically, it's probably not the best investment you can make.

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I am just happy with a normal wooden chair.

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A good office chair from Office Depot/Staples or Costco honestly.

Gaming chairs look designed to break


I have Entey chair and im really happy with that


A good gaming computer chair helps to fits your personal posture and body size and allows you to sit according to your body needs. I am using gaming chair for playing games and writing blogs so there are so many benefits of gaming chair and everyone should use it.


I don't know, I think that they are very comfortable, I have less back problems since I use one


Update: The plastic deck chair broke. It was always a piece of shit, I don't really mind 😃


In my opinion gaming chairs are really comfortable, if you don't pass a lot of time in front of the pc/desk you really don't need them and you can use a normal one, but if you do it seems to sit in one of those sport cars with super comfortable seats.

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I seriously don't understand why gamer need a gaming chair? An office chair is equally comfortable as gaming chair. Last week I bought an office chair and it's quite comfortable for me. I'm using it in my office as well as while gaming. Before buying that office chair, I had checked so many reviews online and found my office chair here :


Gaming Chair means "Sitting on a Cement Block"
Gaming chairs are a personal peeve, as an older man, with some weight. I want to be comfortable if i am gaming or streaming for hours.

I own and currently have been sitting in my basement for 2 years, the GT-Racer and Secretlabs Omega chair.
Both are pure garbage for comfort. The seats are like cement for me.

My comfortable chairs are either Leather Manager office chairs or my favorite, My La-z-boy Leather Recliner which i stream in exclusively now.