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Just to mention, I think Bubblebutt's run has the wrong time posted - should be 45s rather than 55m 45s.


Oh, my bad. I think I wasn't paying attention and ended up putting 55 in the minutes thinking it was milliseconds on accident.


Wuzi's run in 1-1 should also be changed, as it is 33,11s long (I timed it with, run starts at 03,63 and ends at 36,74)

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Thanks for timing it, I updated his time to the millisecond. I retimed my own run and updated that as well.

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I've also retimed the times of Wuzi's runs in 1-2, 1-3 and 1-4:
1-2: 26,86 (2,41 to 29,27)
1-3: 17,78 (1,71 to 19,49)
1-4: 32,46 (2,61 to 35,07)

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Thanks for the re-times, I've got them updated. It's nice to have more of them switched over to show the millisecond.


I'm going to run this levels soon, so I want to know exactly what time i have to get