Discuss everything about skips here.

Let me explain how I implemented the skips for this leaderboard. Currently, we have 4 tracks with skips

- Bumpy's Breakers bridge jump
- Abyss walljumps and lap skip
- Gauntlet wallride jump
- Inferno wallride jumps

Originally, the time trial community also included the wallride in Sebulba's Legacy as a skip, but I decided against that definition here. I don't really consider it an "unintended skip" in the same way as something like Abyss, where you skip most of the level. In Sebulba's Legacy, you stay inbounds all the time and the time saved is really small. Compare it to the Mario Kart 64 community that does not consider the hairpin jump of Yoshi Valley to be a skip.

There's another trick that I found myself (or at least haven't seen on video before) in Fire Mountain Rally: Towards the end of a lap, there's that big turn that can be skipped with a small shortcut that opens in lap 2. In lap 1, a rock will block it. Now if you drive against that corner at a specific angle, it is possible to go over the rock. It's very precise and only saves a tiny bit of time if performed perfectly. You're not going out of bounds or anything fancy, but it's definitely not intended.

So please let me know what you think about the current definition of skips. Are you ok with it or should there be changes?


Briefly mentioned it, but I am fine how the skips are. I don't think Sebulba's "skip" is as serious of a skip as the others since it involves no out of bounds and it does still seem something that might've been intended, while the others don't. I would compare it to something like boosting over some hills in Gauntlets "moon surface area" (can't think of a proper term), it's not going by the intended path but is very easy and out in the open.

About your FMR trick, while I haven't been able to reproduce it myself, it does sound like something that might be considered a skip. But since there is no video of it yet, it's only on the 1st lap and it sounds mega risky, I wouldn't really mind it even it didn't count as a skip.


One question I do have is that do we consider the small oob that is doable in Dug Derby a skip? it doesn't save that much and would only be relevent in the "new game+ free play" category that andy brought up on Discord. It is seen here: I think it would a cool thing to do in no skips. Should we just consider all out of bounds skips/shortcuts as skips, regardless of how much time they save?


I don't think this jump was ever considered a skip, I have seen things like this in other racing games as well. It wouldn't make much sense to call it a skip.

For me, a new skip would be something like skipping an entire Oovo tube (a runner can dream, you know) or a lap skip like in Abyss.