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First two spots are both missing their videos.


Hmm. It seems like first place is this guy( and he has part 1 of a video but no second part?

Second place is this guy maybe. but his only video is a 29:35 (

I dunno what the move is. Without videos I'm inclined to say removing them is the right call(No vid no did). Seems weird the one guy has half his run uploaded and not the other half


I remember to watch both runs a time agora, the problem is nico video isnt the best site to save the vod or even watch it.
Anyway, I think こうとうぶ (not sure about that) has made a run in RTA in Japan and he gets a 29:24

About やっし~, the run I watched was that 29:35.
We can put the links in the description, the nico player doesnt appears in src but we can still watch the runs by nicovideo


wr video: , it would be interesting to put in lb, for the runners copy the strats Keepo

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maybe can put the bagura ship wr too - , its the same guy with any% 1P wr

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i watched the 2nd place video too, but i lost the video when i change my computer.


I don't know if the video will have it yet, but this can help:

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