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Hey there!

Ever since I started submitting my times on this leaderboard, there's been three things in particular I always thought could be improved upon. Let me explain what these things are and why:

1. When you visit the leaderboard, only the console runs are visible by default. Personally, I know you can go Filter > Emulators to make them appear, but that's not obvious to everybody. I know AxlSR and others put up a lot of work into this speedgame, and most doesn't even notice they're on there.
My suggestion would be to make emulator runs visible by default, but still be able to toggle them. If anyone has a stigma towards emulator runs for this game, they can just look at the "emu" tag and disregard them.

2. The main category for the game should be Any%, and not 100%. WERY already explained to me that apparently 100% was supposed to signify running the game without exploiting any glitches or wrong warps.
The thing about that is that this game doesn't have any glitches or wrong warps to help you out in the run, and even if it did, shouldn't it be called Any% Glitchless, or Any% No WW?
100% doesn't really make much sense. Surely any powerup will help you go fast, but not many finishes the run with all powerups, since you lose them by dying or taking damage.

3. What is up with the background? SF2010 has nothing to do with Street Fighter, and any runner or mod should know that. Is it supposed to be ironic?
As to what to change it into, I dunno. I think the famicom cover of the game is pretty badass, but just a screenshot of the game -- heck, even a dark background is better and less misleading than the current one. The text is slightly hard to read too, because the background is really bright in combination with the panels being somewhat transparent.

Thanks for reading, and I hope I got the message across. Let me know what you think.


I saw this leaderboard just got two new moderators. I don't know if posting here will notify anybody, but if it does... lookie lookie!?

EDIT: I did see 100% was changed to Any%. Very nice.


yea I submitted a run 5 months ago, still hasn't been verified, something should be done like adding an active mod


I do agree that I was unable to reach or get a response from three out of the four mods mentioned on this leaderboard. My run of only 2 months ago was verified by Darko by reaching him through Twitter.

EDIT: Darko was a mod for this game, hence why he was mentioned here. If you need help with anything please contact myself or one of the other moderators.

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Thanks for cleaning up the board! This masterpiece of a game deserved better. I found it suspicious that there were only 2 or 3 runs when I submitted mine.