First Encounter - Co-op in 14m 54s* by mr.deaglemr.deagle and TheMasterTheMaster (Obsolete)

Yikes at that Karnak.

mr.deagle's perspective:

Time with loads: 14m 54s

Mutators: On

Played on PC on

Submitted by TheMasterTheMaster on

Verified by Tezur0Tezur0 on


Name Duration Finished at
Hatshepsut 0m 17s 000ms 0m 17s 011ms
Sand Canyon 0m 17s 000ms 0m 34s 654ms
Tomb of Ramses 0m 55s 000ms 1m 29s 658ms
Valley of the Kings 0m 38s 000ms 2m 08s 477ms
Oasis 0m 20s 000ms 2m 29s 172ms
Dunes 0m 15s 000ms 2m 44s 423ms
Suburbs 0m 26s 000ms 3m 11s 173ms
Sewers 0m 34s 000ms 3m 45s 727ms
Metropolis 4m 23s 000ms 8m 09s 207ms
Alley of the Sphinxes 0m 31s 000ms 8m 40s 817ms
Karnak 1m 26s 000ms 10m 07s 005ms
Luxor 0m 37s 000ms 10m 44s 595ms
The Great Pyramid 4m 09s 000ms 14m 54s 511ms
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