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1 year ago
Florida, USA

Are we supposed to (and do we HAVE to, with no exceptions) do this on Dolphin's recording system? Because if so, when I try to run the recording on Dolphin (it comes up as a .dtm file), it all comes up blank.

The way I usually record my runs is through the Xbox Capture System, which I can bring up by using the Win + G shortcut. While it may not show the window display, it still shows the FPS and Frame counters.

I'm sorry if not having a display window through the Xbox Capture Bar recordings doesn't sit well with you guys and violates the rules, but it's the only way I can get a visible recording of my runs.


You’re not supposed to record through Dolphin. But have you tried using OBS to record? It’s kinda the standard recording software these days.

Florida, USA

I haven't, because I sadly don't know how to get OBS Studio to record my computer screen.

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@Black-Shadow If you struggle with setting up OBS then there are a ton of tutorials for it on YouTube. But if you don't wanna do that then feel free to reach out to me either on speedrun.com or my Discord SukeSJ#8912. I sadly wouldn't be able to help much today but i could easily show you how to do it.

Short explanation is when you have OBS open. You can add a Display Capture in the sources tab and just choose whichever monitor has the game. So it will capture your entire screen

Florida, USA

Thanks, Suke! :D

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