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Is it possible to just submit a twitch stream as video evidence of a run? I really want to speedrun but I don't really have any screen capturing hardware or software, or at least I don't think I do.


Using twitch streams is perfectly fine, but make sure you make a highlight clip of the run, otherwise twitch automatically deletes the VOD and the run is lost (usually getting your run unlisted from the boards in the process).

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OPT IN TO VOD SAVING. It isn't done by default. If you don't opt in, when your stream ends it's instantly gone forever. No 14 days, no nothing. And yes, submit highlights and not past broadcasts.

Sounds like you're looking into streaming directly from console? That's a great option for a lot of games, but make sure you set everything up right on your twitch account.

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Looking at the MC Hardcore clips, it looks like there is a stream setup made with the background, chat, etc., so it's not directly from the game (unless I misunderstood what @EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly meant by console). Whatever program you made that setup in and are streaming from is a screen capture program and probably also supports direct recording to the hard drive.

Submitting videos from Twitch streams is fine (as the others said, make sure it's a highlight and VODs are saved so you can make the highlight) and you can also download and automatically export to YT your streams and highlights if you prefer (that's useful for VODs if you're only streaming to Twitch but don't want to lose them)


XBox One and PS4/5 have a twitch app that allows direct streaming from the console if so desired. Its more accessible than purchasing an HDMI capture card and it doesn't require a PC strong enough to handle running something like OBS and streaming from there.

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in some games the mods wont allow twitch highlights (which i understand why but it's pretty stupid), but most do luckily. but its completely easy and fine to do, a lot of people do use twitch highlights for proof


Originally posted by justanormaldude in some games the mods wont allow twitch highlights

Can you provide an example LB that doesn’t accept videos highlighted on Twitch? I’ve never heard of that and I can’t imagine a reason why a highlight wouldn’t be allowed. I’d be very interested to learn more about their reasoning for not allowing any runs submitted with Twitch highlights.

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The only possible reason is because twitch periodically (like every 3 or 4 years or so) changes their backlinks, leading some people to incorrectly think their VOD's "had been deleted" (no, they're still there, they're just at a different URL). I can only assume twitch does as a bandwidth-saver, but YouTube obviously has even more videos and they've never (to my knowledge) done it.

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It's really easy to upload your highlights on youtube anyway