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I know there is a mobile speedrunning Discord, but is there a general Discord for webgame speedruns? regardless of Flash or HTML5

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I don't know about a "central" discord for web games, and I don't think such a server will serve any purpose.
Web games can be so different than each other, that there is no link between them other than that they are on the same "platform". There are tens of thousands of web games in varying levels of quality on the Internet (and about 1000 of them on

Now, I have no idea how the mobile speedrunning discord works, as I have never been there. But my point still stands - you can't put all the games under the same category. It will be like making a discord for speedrunning all PS1 games in existance.

In most of the web-games I'm running, there is a Discord server which focuses only on the game itself, or the series of the game, of games which were made by a single developer.
(Sometimes the servers can cover more games, like games moderated by the same moderator)

Example of games which all have a single distinct Discord server:
- Games made by Nitrome
- Games made by NoaDev
- Games made by Eddynardo
- RUN (flash games) series
- Papa Louie series

Apparently there is a discord for Flash games (posted below).
But it functions more as a hub, that directs you to other discord servers for specific Flash games series.

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There also exists a general speedrunning discord for ALL flash games, regardless of developer.

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There is actually a web speedrunning discord:

Kinda dead, but if you post there, people will respond

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Finally, more people who can run Block Fu

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Yeah Website Speedrunning Discord is pretty dead right now since Flash games died. @ReverseReverse Let me know if you have ideas on how to resurrect it!

The Mobile Speedrunning Discord is still alive and active, if you'd like to join. We end up talking about web speedrunning there a lot, too, since there's some overlap :)))

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@OxkniferOxknifer While flash games won't work on browsers any more, they are all easily accessible through the Flashpoint program.

Also, there are lot of other types of web games that all work today, like games built in Unity or Html5.
So I wouldn't say webgame speedrunning is "dead".

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True and also google chrome extensions like Ruffle and Supernova Player help.
I've now been able to play games on the Wayback Machine as well as other sites that currently host Flash games.
Also found a rather simple chrome extension called Screen Recorder that makes recording webgame runs easier than ever.
So yes, maybe the community is dead, but the games are not.
Let's just wait X number of years for some random revival wave. We know its coming :))

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@OxkniferOxknifer There are also standalone flash projectors that you can use to play flash games offline if you have the .swf file, which you can usually download from any page hosting it. The people who made the offline version of Everybody Edits included a flash projector for Windows, Mac & Linux here:

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