Forums  /  Speedrunning  /  Any games where you prefer to watch speedruns of non-any% categories over any% category?

For various reasons. Maybe any% run doesn't look as cool or doesn't require that much skill. Maybe you'd like to see everything done fast, not just small portion of the game etc.


All-bosses runs of the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne.


I always enjoy 100% runs for collectathons - Mario, Spyro Banjo etc, unless they're stupidly long


Generally 100%, all bosses/temples, low% and glitch-less categories are equally interesting to me; same for certain open-world type stuff like GTA all stunt jumps.


GTA all missions, all collectibles, all rampages, and 100%

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In Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition the most popular category is All Skills No OOB No TA, much more enjoyable to watch and to run than Any%, and covers much more of the movement and the game in general


NG+ run of any game 😛

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Definitely 120 Star, Mario 64 😃 the added skill and endurance it takes to get all 120 stars over 0 or 1 is what makes the game (That's just my opinion though, and I still respect runners of 1/0 Star, they just aren't fun for me to watch haha).

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Any OOT category, even most of the meme ones, is better than watching OOT Any%

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Originally posted by TimmiluvsAny OOT category, even most of the meme ones, is better than watching OOT Any%

My favourite OoT meme category is "Go Home And Die%"
def. way more interesting than Any%

Any of the Monster Hunter games' IL runs.
Any% is slow, and pretty hard to run, harder to watch - while ILs you just see people do crazy stuff all over the place.

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Originally posted by European_UnionMy favourite OoT meme category is "Go Home And Die%"

Yes. That and Dank% take the cake. Mweep% is top tier too. Who needs Any%?

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Charge blade users that know how to guard point ILs >>>>

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